147 Bridge Road
Salisbury, MA
(978) 518-3131
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147 Bridge Road
Salisbury, MA
(978) 518-3131
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Mon – Sat: 11am-6pm
Sun: 11am-5pm
(Deli closes 30 minutes before shop closing)


“I was born in Jersey, lived in New York, and then moved to an Italian neighborhood here. So I know what a GOOD Italian sub is! Bucciarelli’s IS THE PLACE to get it!

“You will not find a better authentic Italian sandwich! The bread is so fresh, and the imported prosciutto and cold cuts are SO GOOD!”

“The only place that I order an Italian sub. Finally got there mid-July during a stay at Salisbury. Usually, the anticipation takes away from the reality. Not here! The sandwich was amazing as usual and I got some marinated lamb burgers while there. Unbelievably good! Made my wife promise to remind me to try something else next trip. (Maybe chicken parmesan sub?). Keep up the great work!”

“Hands down best hand-cut prime ribeye steaks grilled with smoke and fire on a hardwood charcoal fire in a Weber grill. The gaping eyes on everyone at the table and quiet mouths with OMG said it perfectly. Thank You Bucciarelli’s!!!”

“I love to explore all the gourmet goods and unique imported foods in the shop! This sets them apart from your everyday grocery store. Plus, I love knowing I can pick up something for lunch or dinner that is homemade, saving me the work. One-stop shopping here!”

“Everything in the prepared foods case looks GREAT and I’ve enjoyed every dish that I’ve tried. …service with a smile.”

"Solid butcher shop/deli/market with nice selections and personalized service. I highly recommend it!”

“I love Bucciarelli's!! After hearing how wonderful they were, I ordered a sandwich platter for a family outing. It was a huge hit with everyone! Since then I have become a regular customer. Their sandwiches are the best! Their staff is also the best! They are always friendly and more than happy to help you. I highly recommend this place!! You will not be disappointed.”

“Great, friendly staff. Always professional, clean facility, and knowledgeable regarding what they sell. Food is excellent, whether a sandwich at the deli or twice-baked potato with breaded chicken cutlets for dinner for me to warm up. If you ask, they can also offer a guideline for heating those items up!  (yummy)!  Their ground beef and selection of marinated, chicken, beef, turkey, and pork, is always a welcome item to put in the little basket, or they will bring it to the register and help you with cashing out.”
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