Imported from Italy, or locally hand-made, our pasta selection has something for everyone! 

Seasonal pastas come and go on our shelves…feel free to ask about any new items in stock





Garafalo – Imported from Italy

Elicoidale                                          Farfalle (Bow tie)               

Penne Rigate                                   Linguini

Schiaffoni                                         Papparedelle

Spaghetti                                          Bucatini 

Orzo                                                   GF Corn, Rice, Quinoa Penne Rigate

GF Corn, Rice, Quinoa Spaghetti

Whole Wheat Farfalle                   Whole Wheat Penne Ziti Rigate



Colavita – Imported from Italy

Angel Hair                                        Orecchiette 


Deano’s Pasta – Somerville, MA

Slow Dried over 2 days on wooden racks just like in the “old country” (VEGAN and Cholesterol free)


Crest Di Gallo                                  Radiatore

Fioretti (Flowers)                           Purple Carrot Ziti Escagono

Torcere (Pasta Twists)





Mamma Emma’s (Imported from Italy)

(Ask about flavors available for the week)

Potato                                   Pumpkin

Mini Potato                          Ricotta Cheese & Spinach

Gorgonzola  stuffed           Tomato & Mozzarella Stuffed

Asiago Cheese & Porcini Mushrooms 


RAVIOLI (frozen)


Deano’s Pasta, (Somerville, MA)  hand-made in small batches

Lobster                                              Roasted Butternut Squash & Amaretto

Crab Scallop and Shrimp             Three Cheese Medium Square


Terra Cotta Pasta Company  (Dover, NH)

Baby Spinach and Cheese            Roasted Garlic and Three Cheese

Four Cheese                                     Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash






Terra Cotta Pasta Company, (Dover, NH)

8 oz containers (FROZEN)

  -Basil Pesto

  -Wild Mushroom Sauce

  -Sundried Tomato and Black Olive Sauce

  -Lemon Artichoke Pesto

  -Caramelized Onion & Roasted Red Pepper Sauce


Deano’s Pasta, (Somerville, MA)

8 oz containers (FROZEN)

  -Pink vodka Cream Sauce

  -Limoncello Cream Sauce

  -Onesto Cream Sauce (light cream, oil, percorino romano, sherry, garlic, onion, parsley, black pepper)

Basil Pesto Sauce


Don Pomodoro – Imported from Calabria, Italy, 24.3oz jar

Tomato Basil



Federal Hill (Providence, RI), 24oz jar


Classic Sunday Gravy


Carmelina San Marzano Italian Peeled Tomatoes 28 oz can

Carmelina San Marzano Italian Cherry Tomatoes 14 oz can

Divella Italian Peeled Tomatoes 28 oz can

Mutti Tomato Paste 4.5 oz tube


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